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Elevate your passion for gaming by becoming a GEMDISCO Agent. Step into a role that merges the thrilling world of casino games with the rewarding partnership journey. As a GEMDISCO Agent, you'll represent one of the industry's leading online platforms and enjoy exclusive benefits tailored just for you.

As a GEMDISCO Agent, you'll connect with a vast community of gaming enthusiasts and enjoy exclusive perks, from special bonuses to insider access. Moreover, our commission structure ensures that each player you introduce significantly boosts earnings.

Becoming a GEMDISCO AGENT has no specific requirements, and you don't need to invest any money! Your earnings depend on your promotional performance. Give it a try now! Contact us immediately

Agent Commission: 50%

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Gemdisco Agent



GEMDISCO pays agents really well when they bring in players who play a lot.

Special Rewards

GEMDISCO agents get special bonuses and deals that regular players don't get.


Work When You Want

As an GEMDISCO agent, you decide when and how much you work, fitting it around your life.



Settlement Day

From the 1st of the month at 00:00:00 to the last day of the month at 23:59:59.

If the players’ wins/losses are negative for the month, the agent earns a commission (corresponding to a percentage of the loss). If the players’ wins/losses are positive (meaning the players won money), then no commission is earned. Be aware! If the players win, the agent’s wallet will accumulate a negative balance.

Agent Eligibility Threshold

GEMDISCO has a very low threshold. Just need to have 5 active players in a month to earn commissions.

Criteria for Valid Players

Players under an agent must recharge at least 200 and have a betting volume over 500 to qualify. If the monthly commission is less than 100, you are not eligible to receive it.

The agency will no longer use unlimited levels of agents; there is only one level of agency.

Promoter Rules

Exclusive For Who Don't Want To Be An Agent

Starting salary is 300 pesos per day, with weekly pay every Monday, and a probation period of one week.
Working hours (you need to respond within 15 minutes if tagged during this time): 13:00 - 23:00 PH TIME
Daily check-ins at 15:00, 18:00, and 21:00 to report work status (post screenshots of interactions with others).

The primary goal is to find others who are interested in becoming promoters, agents, or players.
Failure to achieve results by the end of the probation period will result in termination.

GEMDISCO's Universal Promotion System!

In the universal promotion system, everyone is both an agent and a player. Players can use the REFERRAL option to copy the link for promotion. If players register and recharge, you will receive a 30 PHP referral bonus (unlimited claims). To earn the 30 PHP bonus, the criteria are: a player recharges 200 and has a betting volume of over 500 (both conditions must be met).

Player Promotion Bonus:
Members must manually claim, it's a one-time collection (available after upgrading, and if you upgrade multiple times, it will accumulate for one total withdrawal. If not claimed, it will continue to accumulate).

Player Referral Rewards:
Members must manually claim, with rewards for the previous day issued at 08:00 the next day (no current limit set on the claim time).

Monthly Bonus:
Members must manually claim, and upon claiming, a 30-day countdown begins (the claimable amount corresponds to the current level's monthly bonus, not accumulative over multiple months).